The inspiration for Brighter Minds came from the need to leave the world a better place for the next generation. Our passion for this cause has led us to explore the area of Neuroplasticity and discover the unlimited potential of the brain. Combining these learnings with the spiritual values of Love, Joy and Positivity, our aim is to make the world a Brighter place, one kid at a time.


Nagaraja N s

NSN has been in IT industry from last 20+ years. He is interested in software architecture, product design, cognitive development, meditation and science of brain in general. He likes to learn and explore new ideas.


Srinivas Thonse

Srinivas, with his expertise in technology solutioning and software architecture has over 20 years experience in the IT field. His express interest in Business analysis has stemmed from solving anything from a crossword to software algorithms. 


Ravindra Kini b

Kini, in his professional career spanning over 27 years, has handled various finance positions in companies ranging from Agro, Manufacturing, Telecom, BFSI and Software. Kini has always been keen on helping organizations leverage Information Technology to enhance productivity and provide accurate reporting.