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Rejuvenate Your Cognitive Reserves


Cognitive reserve is a construct that moderates the effects of age-related decline and pathological damage of the brain. It refers to dynamic and structural capacities of the brain that buffer against reduction in the number or in the size of the brain cells, or both.  


Why is cognitive reserve important?


Individuals with high levels of cognitive reserve can deal better with symptoms of degenerative brain changes related to dementia or other brain diseases, like Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, or a stroke. A more robust cognitive reserve also can assist in functioning better if one is exposed to unexpected life events, like stress, surgery, or toxins within the environment where such circumstances demand extra effort from the brain.

Did you know we can build our cognitive reserves? 


Yes! Research in the field of cognitive neuroscience shows that we can improve our cognitive reserve. For better brain function and to improve our cognitive reserve, simple improvements in lifestyle habits can greatly help. 


To know where you stand with your cognitive reserve (whether your practices are enhancing, supporting, defending or declining your cognitive reserve) go through our simple self-assessment questionnaire.

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