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Empowering Schools
with a Visionary Education Program

Heartfulness welcomes your school to our free of cost Brighter Minds Technology Transfer Program. Join us in empowering the young minds of today to shape a better and beautiful tomorrow! Together, let's build a brighter future for education in India.

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Learning Centres

100,000 +

Children Trained

13 +


1200 +


What is Brighter Minds?

It is a brain training program for kids which helps in enhancing cognitive foundation elements like focus, observation, comprehension, intuition, memory, confidence, empathy.

Cognitive Skills

Enable deep concentration, help understand basic concepts and recall information effectively.


Provide sensory experiences, aiding in understanding and interacting with the environment.


Foster the ability to develop an intuitive understanding of situations.

Social-Emotional Skills

Encourage social interactions with confidence, connect with others on a deeper level to cultivate empathy.

Unlock Potential of the Brain

Using our proprietary interactive tools and techniques, each of our training programs aims at whole brain activation where the right brain is stimulated through exercise, sound waves and relaxation to achieve left-right equilibrium. The result is an intellectually, socially and emotionally brighter mind.


Insight into the
Brighter Minds Activities

Activities designed to stimulate cognitive functions and improve mental acuity.
Exercises meant to enhance intuitive abilities or gut feelings, often involving reflection or sensory awareness.
Process where external stimuli, like sound or light, influence brainwave patterns potentially mood.
Methods aimed at promoting a state of calmness and relaxation, such as meditation.

The Science Behind Brighter Minds

Brighter Mind’s scientific temper lies neuroplasticity, the brain's remarkable ability to re-organize neural pathways in response to new experiences. This dynamic process is harnessed by the program to stimulate positive changes in a child's cognitive functions, particularly during the crucial formative years.

The mission of Brighter Minds is to inspire and equip every child with tools and methods to enhance cognitive functioning for achieving personal excellence and to instill confidence in oneself. 

The Young Minds at Play

Explore our program highlights where young minds are captivated in interactive activities engaging all five senses, fostering holistic development.

The Power of Our Program

Teachers & Schools
Brighter Minds benefits teachers and schools by providing comprehensive training programs that equip them with innovative approaches to address challenges faced by students, enhancing their ability to foster development and growth.
Students benefit from Brighter Minds through enhanced cognitive abilities, heightened observational capabilities, and intuitive thinking, leading to significant advancements and improvements in academic success and personal development. 
"Turiya lets consciousness transcend space-time, enabling intentionality. While science is slow, the Brighter Minds Program demonstrates this in children."

Deepak Chopra

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Shankar Mahadevan

Indian singer and composer

Dazzling! Remarkable! Brighter Minds conceived by Daaji is amazing, haven't seen anything like this. 


Dr. M Srinivas

Director of AIIMS, New Delhi

At the Heartfulness institute, children displayed remarkable cognitive abilities, through 'Brighter Minds'.


Dr. Vivek Wadhwa

Author, Academic, Entrepreneur

I was blown away by the children at the brighter minds team. Just goes to show the potential of the human mind and the wonders it can do.

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